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Dating a narcissitic person

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He also cheated on me while he was away visiting his sister and he said he didnt know why he did it that he was frustrated with the situation (our fighting and argueing) which lead to him cheating on me.

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Now I have some insight into how these types of behavior that we usually just shrug off might lead to some very serious problems.

I certainly want to see more happy relationships out there and share from my mistakes.

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and it has been an emotional rollacoaster for me. After a few months he started changing his ways, he was always complaining about every single thing.

As I think about some of the current popular music, movie and television stars it is clear they have adopted many of the characteristics of the Narcissitic Personality Disorder.

I am thinking about those so-called stars who only talk about themselves in glowing terms even when they have been caught doing ugly, or even illegal deeds.