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This is something many on the Jewish dating scene know only too well, but not something you must accept!
At Loopylove we believe dating should be a fun, laidback and sociable affair.

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I have never been asked out on a date, yet everyone tells me that I am so nice and have a great sense of humor. This is especially true with young men (and women), as they are inexperienced, juiced on puberty hormones and the vigor of youth and have in many cases not yet realized that sex in the context of love is a far better thing than just plain old sex.

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So let me put a rundown of 10 of the possible reasons why she, me, your friend, your crush, your classmate, your workmate or your pet hamster has NEVER, in her whole life or existence, had a BOYFRIEND. Some of us NBSBs (No Boyfriend Since Birth’s) can be experiencing the same thing. So of course, since you're already sure of your future spouse, you tend to reserve yourself. They are the ones who are independent enough to not care about boys. Even how hard they want to or attempt to jump out of their shells, they are just socially incapable of doing so.

When I was 12 years old, a new phenomenon swept over me and my sixth grade peers: relationships. I remember, in detail, the tearful conversation I had with my mother about the situation.“Catherine, you're going to meet someone. These people aren't in relationships, they're just being silly.”“But, what if no one ever likes me? ” I somehow managed to ask between tears.“Catherine, your person is out there, and he's going to be amazing. You still have junior high, high school, college to get through.

A week before, the idea of “liking” a boy would have been met with “ew,” but it was suddenly greeted with serious conversation and much well-intentioned meddling (aka an investigation of how safe it was to tell him you liked him). You're going to meet him.”“Think of this: There's someone out there right now who has no idea that they are going to find you someday.

I confirmed that I wasn't going and told everyone I thought the entire idea was stupid, and that I didn't care.

The truth was that no one had asked me, and I didn't want to go alone.