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I'm still right, though, parentheses are a way of cheating language.) He was in a band (edgy) but also graduated college with a near-perfect GPA (nerdy).

He was hot, gentlemanly (always picked up the dinner tabs), kind, and grew up in the whaling town where my family summered. A man's choice in footwear says so much, and yet, so often, guys get it wrong. (When you are sleeping with someone, and he takes you out for dinner and then back to his place, a freshly made bed shows you that your man has thought about what would be happening there later? "Doesn't he also have Kiehl's astringent and eye cream in his medicine cabinet? "I can wash my face properly when I stay over." "Gay,” insisted my friend. This has disaster written all over it." I left my friends more confused than before.

The 33-year-old model recently confirmed her “amazing” relationship with boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy.(Well, that and “I’m still living in my parent’s basement.”) That fear often stems from a misunderstanding of what it means to be bisexual.As Ellyn Ruthstrom, president of the Bisexual Resource Center, told the – who have a hard time wrapping their minds around dating non-monosexuals are likely falling prey to such negative misperceptions.“But in my personal life, in my sex life, in who I choose to love, I just think that I would think about it too much. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.” Amber made sure to clarify that she was not judging anyone who is bisexual and that she is bisexual herself – she’s not not personally comfortable with dating bisexual men.“Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment, I don’t know,” she went on. Or could it be that, when it comes to romance between queer women, the game has been rigged from the start?