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There, she also worked for various politicians, including New Orleans City Council Members, supporting efforts to rebuild the city of New Orleans.

She went on to specialize in family law and civil litigation, providing legal consult on high-profile divorce, spousal support, and child custody cases. Williams then transitioned into practicing as a public defender, as well as a private defense lawyer in North Carolina and throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

He’s also the author of the new book: Saving the Bible from Ourselves: Learning to Read and Live the Bible Well (IVP). It is actually a little piece of a bigger story with the Bible.

It is pretty hard to find Bible manuscripts that are perfectly clean with no markings on them at all.

The star and her bichon frise, Reggie, just moved into this sunny one-bedroom in February, and every time she looks at those pillows, she gets so excited because she remembers how she’d bought them while still married to editor-director Dean Fleischer-Camp, her husband for three years, but had to stow them away because she realized it felt like they were living in a box of tampons.

“When I moved in here, I’d been through my divorce and a breakup,” she says, returning from the bathroom and referring to the ten or so months she spent dating Chris Evans, best known as Captain America, and her much more famous co-star in an upcoming film about a family struggling with a young girl’s genius affinity for math. They’d said really adorable things about each other on Anna Faris’s podcast. That or “Jewish Felicity,” taking over Manhattan, like in the TV show. But not Her mother, a ceramicist, and father, a lauded poet, are still married; she wrote a book about her childhood home in Massachusetts with her dad this year.

The history of how our Bibles got so jammed up with notes and markings is a long one, and Bible readers are beginning to ask what the clutter is doing to the psychology of our Bible reading, and should we also be preserving space in our lives to read the Bible without all these markings?

However, very early on people started saying: Look, we need to have these things with helps. So, often times, the very first things that appear are breathing marks: little spaces between words, page numbers, those sorts of things.

“I watched so many times, it was unbelievable,” she says. “Yeah, I did it right.” Eventually, she found this new apartment and purged everything she owned except for a few clothes she loves, books, precious objects, and a velvet chair once belonging to her great-grandmother. By the sink are pot holders she made as a kid on a little loom and a drawing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg that Fleischer-Camp brought her as a housewarming gift. “This is me when I was a slutty virgin,” she explains.

“A virgin but trying to act like I knew what was going on.” Somewhere beneath a pile of half-read books is her bedside table.

A one minute portrait of an inner-city ghost killer offers the testimony of a five year old boy.

The spontaneity and conviction of his perspective calls to question the real, the imagined, and all things between that negotiate his daily reality.