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But war is not here and so Dada should be out having drinks with the guys.... Hasn't it always been, we just don't label them with big I's anymore because we can't count them as wins. How will Brooklyn and LA, home to probably the richest blend of artists in the country, react now? (May 6, 2006) Our take on Colbert's coup: a quote from Kurt Tucholsky and a satirical dialogue between an editor and a columnist... FILM REVIEW: Der Untergang - The Downfall" (September 29, 2004) Much has been written about Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 and its effect on U. "What is it that draws me in..." BOOK REPORTS Here you can read mini-reviews of four book publications: Where She Came From A Daughter's Search For Her Mother's History by Helen Epstein Published by Little, Brown and Company in 1997 To Destroy a City Strategic Bombing and its Human Consequences in World War II by Hermann Knell Published by Da Capo Press in 2003 The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers Published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in 2003 The Weather in Berlin by Ward Just Published by Houghton Mifflin Co. Der Untergang (The Downfall), a film produced, written and acted by German speakers has brought a record number of Germans of all generations to the movie theaters... CD REVIEW: KIEV "GET OUT OF MY BASEMENT" (June 2, 2004) Who needs commercial radio? Listen to Internet radio stations like Radio Free Ithaca and see what you can 2002 CROSSING THE BIG POND Across a Great Divide, an essay by German writer Peter Schneider published in The New York Times on March 13 discusses how the war in Iraq has made the Atlantic seem wider, “with the effect of a magnifying glass, bringing older and more fundamental differences between Europe and the United States into focus.” Among other points Schneider talks about how “…the American multicultural model also generates an illusion.

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Viele glückliche Paare haben schon ihre Geschichten mit uns geteilt.

If your first picture is a group photo, the number of first messages you receive will decrease by 42 percent.

Kuwa mkweli na muwazi ni moja ya misingi ya kujenga mahusiano yanayodumu na hata kukabiliana na dhoruba mbalimbali za maisha ya mahusiano ya ndoa.

Je, kuna umuhimu wa kutunza au kusema ukweli mapema kabla ya mahusiano kufika mbali?

James alipooana na Jane, Jane hakumueleza kabisa terrible secret aliyokuwa nayo ingawa tangu siku ya kwanza walipogundua wanawaweza kuoana alikubaliana kwamba ni muhimu kila mmoja kueleza ukweli na kuwa wazi kusema ukweli na ukweli (trust/honest) kuwa ndiyo msingi wa mahusiano yao.