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Console flicker updating when win32

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Please teach me how to do that for console, thanks.

ok, maybe I cannot do it in the same sense as in a graphical window but something similiar to that effect can be done because I've seen people's console games without the mad flickering that appears in my game.

Could that have to do with the fact that the display controller doesn't support double-buffering with display data?

This program runs various child programs including console program and shell command script(.cmd).

However, one of the common causes of a flickering display is that the code is doing unnecessary erase or clear display operation before drawing an object. I think/hope that it is possible to update the display content without any flickering.

I can't imagine that you need for small and not often updated display content a GPU or something else to service the display over the RGB interface?!

Another issue boggling me is the clearing screen one.

I have gone and created a function of my own drawing a rectangle using Fill Rect() that draws a white rectangle of window width and height but it flickers alot to the point that the game is unplayable.