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In response, ly represent our workforce, the Editors are seeking your personal story if you have faced or are currently facing bias in your role as a practicing physician or have observed this kind of behavior. Your contribution, if used, will be presented anonymously: any identifying information will remain confidential.

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To be a woman in Egypt is to live with the crushing inevitability of sexual harassment. It’s a society in which, for half the population, just leaving home can be a daily nightmare.The magnitude of the problem is epidemic, with 99.3% of Egyptian women having been sexually harassed, according to a 2013 U. Cairo-based photojournalist Roger Anis decided to confront the issue by making portraits of women next to the clothes they would wear on the streets, if only they felt safe enough.Furthermore, UN Women supports capacity development of local government agencies to prevent and respond to sexual violence in coordination with women’s organizations, civil society and other key stakeholders through improved knowledge, skills and attitudes of duty bearers and service providers regarding sexual violence in public spaces.SAFE CITIES Sexual violence in public spaces is an everyday occurrence for women and girls around the world – in urban and rural areas, in developed and developing countries.The study indicated that a very small percentage of young men marry foreign women because they admire them, find Egyptian girls to be comparatively superficial, or because foreign women tend to make fewer marital demands."The study went on to describe these marriages as a form of human trafficking, as the young men give up their religion, social life, customs and traditions for money or residency in a foreign country.

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Other motives include the desire to emigrate and financial obstacles presented by marrying an Egyptian woman.Only after the victim fought back, dragged her harasser to the police station, and then went public with the incident, was the case treated seriously.Last year 678, a film about an Egyptian woman who is regularly molested on public transportation, became the first movie to call attention to the problem (see the movie poster above).As details about American reporter Lara Logan's sexual assault make the news, Egypt's ongoing sexual harassment problem should make headlines, too.Isolated from her film crew, Logan was stripped, punched, and slapped by a crowd of men in Tahrir Square, an extreme example of a common problem in Egypt.The study was prepared by the Prevention of Human Trafficking Unit at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood.