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Carbon dating contreversy

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The result of such a collision is a shower of sub-atomic debris, including many neutrons.Neutrons are found in the nuclei of all atoms except ordinary hydrogen atoms.There can be no denying it – the unsolved mysteries lists are amongst the most popular on the site.Fortunately for us there are still millions of them to write about.

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Many people are interested in what the fossils say, and carbon-14 (abbreviated C-14) dating seems to make them say they once lived ten, twenty, forty or fifty thousand years ago.

Non-indigenous Australians too often have a desperately limited frame of historical reference.

The Lake Mungo region provides a record of land and people that we latter day arrivals have failed to incorporate into our own Australian psyche.

Radiocarbon dating of material from the volcanic destruction layer itself can provide some evidence for the date of the eruption, but because of the shape of the calibration curve for the relevant period, the value of such dates relies on there being no biases in the data sets.

However, by dating the material from phases earlier and later than the eruption, some of the problems of the calibration data set can be circumvented and the chronology for the region can be resolved with more certainty.