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Brad penny dating alyssa milano

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The Charmed star has been fanatical about the sport since she was a child, and went on to date some of the game’s most famous players, including former Los Angeles Dodgers star Brad Penny and fellow pitchers Carl Pavano and Barry Zito.

In her new book , she writes: “Other women dream of papaya facials and mango pedicures.

So we all know Alyssa Milano is doing a bang-up job over at the Hot Corner.

Her interviews make us want to ask her how the heck she’s remained so damn cute through the years. There’s probably some kind of trophy she deserves for nabbing athletes.

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Anyway, Alyssa Milano loves the game of baseball (and nailing baseball players) so much she wrote about in a new book called .Timo, as long time readers of DNR know, is a favorite of mine. Because unlike Clete Thomas, Don Kelly, and others, he can HIT THE BALL! Granted, Milano's pretty much been passed around MLB and the NHL like a joint at Woodstock, but WHO CARES! Misty-May's an ugly skank compared to Alyssa Milano! Timo is old and will probably not see any time with the club, but I'm still thrilled to see him back in the organization. At first, I wasn't too happy about the deal due to his injury-filled past. We also want to ask about a certain screen grab from Fear and just about everything from Poison Ivy II (NSFW). But a friend – let’s call him TBL2 – offered a question that stumped us: Milano and Gabrielle Union have dated more athletes than any other celebrity on the planet, and in terms of bragging rights, who’s got it? Zito on his way to greatness, but he just had a terrible season in San Fran. An American television actress, Alyssa Milano apparently is attracted to baseball players.