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The songstress said she was nine-months pregnant and "full of emotions" when hearing of George's passing, and could only put her feelings into song.

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This post is my thirty-eighth on this site and it comes in the week when I celebrate my thirty-eighth birthday! For some inadequately documented reason they’re trying to communicate with us, pointing the way (although neither the direction nor destination are ever particularly clear), and it behoves us to take heed of their cosmic wisdom. call me Mister Traditional if you like, but I always felt it better to avoid following impenetrably cryptic and vague instructions given in a manner that is more convoluted than a game of charades with an entire dementia ward when it comes to making big, important life decisions.

It demonstrates not only woeful ignorance of the alarmingly simple concept of probability, but also a total and utter failure of imagination because they pretty much always offer the same, tired and, frankly, boring explanation; someone, a being or “power” who exists beyond our meagre understanding of reality, is sending us a message – a .

(This is a statement of fact that can be verified by numerous individuals.

Look below for verification from two other psychics who worked for Keen.)Beatrice would have you believe that I “rallied” other psychics against her, but I did not.

What is appalling is when persons such as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are held accountable for their words and actions while others who throw hissy fits and tantrums are not.

"You - ALL OF YOU - who are in the human form tend to complicate EVERYTHING, when, in reality, most things are so much more SIMPLE than you envision them to be." Then they continued... He was my confidante and my dear friend and I loved him like a brother.

The first line in his Facebook blog reads: “Throughout my life - from the time I was a child - I've been bullied. With a statement like that, it is hard to imagine that Mr.

Coffey would in any way lash out online or otherwise. Coffey goes on to state in this blog: “I try to ignore those who make nasty comments about me.

Why must they talk in the kind of riddles that are more open to misinterpretation than a religious text written entirely in a poetic, allegorical style, and in a dead language?

Here they’re playing hide and seek with the whole of reality, smuggling meaning into the banal and trivial, and then hoping that we not only the “sign”, but are also able to both recognise it as one and have the necessary mental furnishings in our brain-bungalows in order to be able to interpret it.