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You can request that Local Housing Allowance is paid directly to your landlord (PDF, 39KB).Read more about payments direct to your landlord in our Safeguards Policy (PDF, 200KB).You must show continuous good cause why you were unable to claim at the appropriate time and throughout the period you want your claim to be backdated.The maximum period your claim can be backdated for Pension Credit age customers is 3 Months.However there are some exceptions to this and if you are in supported accommodation you may continue to have Housing Benefit paid instead.

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3) You claim in advance of becoming liable to pay rent or council tax at a new address.Housing & Council Tax Benefit Backdating Your Claim You can use this form if you want your claim to start from an earlier date than you claimed.Start Date of Your Claim Your claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit (HB/CTB) normally starts from the Monday after you submit a written claim form to the council.The amount of Local Housing Allowance you receive depends on For some tenants who find managing their finances difficult we can decide to make payments directly to your landlord.We may also do this if we are told that you are 8 or more weeks behind with your rent.The capital value of property (except your own home), investments and savings are assessed on a weekly basis as follows: First €5,000 is not taken into account Next €10,000 is assessed at €1 per €1,000 Next €25,000 is assessed at €2 per €1,000 Any capital over €40,000 is assessed at €4 per €1,000.