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While there isn’t any concrete proof that the “Good Good” duo are back together, we must admit how much we liked them as a couple. to reevaluate suggestions...or, reexamine consisting words: ashanti, nelly, still, together, dating, married, engaged, back, friends, getting, 2017. In Other Words There Are No Commitments :) yes they is dating cause she said she was on MTV and said she love her baby Nelly Nobodys even heard of their realtionship in forever   Mane Really If They Go Out Or Not It Aint Everybody Buisness If She Wants People To Know They Will Tell People AGAIN Nelly and Ashanti curretly are broken up because they had to different futures Ashanti was ready to settle down and unfortunately Nelly wasn't so they decided to go their separate ways and remain as just friends.

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"In fact, in a statement posted on Instagram, Nelly says "Floyd could be confusing his relationship with me with his relationship with my ex for whom he has exchanged numbers and has flown personally to attend His weekend in Michigan which I wasn't invited (guess I wasn't in the circle of friends then) lol.""I have great respect for him as far as him being a true champion in his sport but homies ..??


But he did make a special appearance at her album release party via Facetime.Rapper NELLY is still dating singer ASHANTI despite recent rumours of a split.The couple has been romantically involved since 2003, but they were rumoured to have gone their separate ways earlier this month (Jul08) after the New York Daily News quoted Ashanti as saying, “I’m dating my new album, and no one else.” However, according to website, their relationship is still going strong. They were such a cute couple and it seemed that they hadn't even admitted to being a couple long before they were calling it quits on the relationship. ****The music was added over to keep the video from being removed. album=89 When Ashanti and Nelly first broke up back in late 2012, fans were completely shocked. "Nellyville" star Nelly is opening up about his new show set to premiere on BET November 25. Nelly & Ashanti Back Together Remember that old cliche, if you love something, let it go?