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When the mutants of the future face extinction, they send Wolverine (Jackman) back in time to change destiny.

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To this day I get grief from certain quarters for awarding Paul W. Anderson's sci-fi horror show Event Horizon two stars back in 1997, which, apparently for a not-unsizable percentage of horror and sci-fi fans, was two stars too many.

This, despite the fact that I took pains to also label the soon-to-be-much-reviled Anderson's work "a steadily churning debacle" and "a bloody mess." So let me be clear this time out: Pandorum is bad.

In pop culture, the female Kryptonian named Ursa in “Superman” and “Superman II” is believed to be based on Faora, who appeared on the eighth season of “Smallville” as the wife of General Zod.

Zack Snyder is directing “Man of Steel” from a screenplay by David S. Christopher Nolan is producing alongside Charles Roven, Emma Thomas and Deborah Snyder, while Legendary topper Thomas Tull is exec producing with Lloyd Phillips.

) alongside Michael Shannon as General Zod as they make Superman's job more difficult as he fights for truth, justice and the American way.

Antje Traue was last seen running from aliens (OR ARE THEY?

Good luck, God bless, and godspeed." Some unknown time later, two members of the flight crew, Corporal Bower and Lieutenant Payton, are awakened.

Improper emergence from the hibernatory state leaves them both with partial amnesia.

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It carries 60,000 people on a 123-year trip to colonize an Earth-like planet named Tanis.

It's nearly bad enough to make Anderson's film, from which it borrows heavily (along with The Descent and Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror and many other, better films) look downright Kubrickian in its space-oddityness, but not quite.

Quaid and Foster play Payton and Bower, two space travelers who awake from hypersleep in the bowels of a gigantic, seemingly empty vessel that's powering down fast.

He begins to suffer from "Pandorum, or "Orbital Dysfunction Syndrome" (a severe psychotic illness known to affect deep-space travelers).

Pandorum led to the failure of a previous mission, as the captain of the starship called Eden, so afflicted with Pandorum that he became convinced that the flight was cursed, ejected all 5,000 passengers to their deaths.