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In the new book “XL Love” (Rodale), health-policy journalist Sarah Varney informs us that these negative effects begin surprisingly early for many, such as how overweight girls begin puberty younger than their healthy-weight counterparts.

“Some 15% of American girls now begin puberty by first or second grade,” Varney writes.

Margaret Villers, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, examined more than 20,000 responses in a study of teenage girls.

Villers and her team found that “when obese girls did have sex,” they were “three times as likely as healthy-weight girls to have had sex by the age of 13; 30% more likely to have sex with more than three boys by the end of high school; [and] less likely to use condoms.” Varney writes that based on feedback from therapists, “Overweight teenage girls can be reluctant to refuse any advances out of fear that they’ll have few chances in the future for romantic and sexual attention.” Furthermore, a 2011 study found that “extremely obese high-school girls” were “less likely to have sexual intercourse overall…But when they did have a sexual encounter, 42% reported using drugs or alcohol — four times the rate of healthy-weight girls.” This is troubling for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that “since girls who were drunk or high often ‘did more’ sexually than they originally intended, [they] were more likely to have sex without birth control.” Jennie Noll, a professor at Penn State who participated in that study, “worries that heavy girls who become sexually active aren’t developing mature sexual identity that will serve them well on their journey to adulthood; they’re just stuck in a cycle.

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Oliver reported that earlier this year, US Congress increased funding of abstinence-only programmes to million, meaning that schools are given million essentially NOT to provide sexual education, and certainly not a conclusive one when you remember how easy it is for teens to find the information they want online should they be denied it in the classroom.“Over the last quarter-century, the age at which American girls begin menstruating has decreased by 2.5 months.” Carlton Gorton, a doctor in Belzoni, Miss., an area with higher-than-average rates of obesity, told Varney that “he has discovered girls as young as 5 and 6 years old who are developing pubic hair.These alarming signs of puberty are usually related to his patients’ ample body fat.” Some of these young patients, whom the doctor describes as “off the growth chart,” even come to him for monthly hormone shots that “hold them off from going through puberty.” Early puberty, meanwhile, leads to a host of dangerous issues.While Studio 54 achieved a kind of infamy, the vast majority of Americans could never pass beyond the velvet ropes.The vast majority were not having anonymous sex in nightspots, nor going to gay bathhouses, nor swinging in suburbia.The next one happens on July 28, 2017 and there’s a few spots waiting for you your someone special.