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” Suddenly, my normally unenviable single status made me the most admired person in the room.
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If a woman can trust you from the second she meets you, then she’ll trust you with her phone number.

She’ll trust you’ll actually call her, and she’ll trust you’ll actually follow through and take her out on a date.

When I lost my vision I was already single and unattached.

I had been going out on dates and was very interested in marriage.

Often described as sparks, kismet or "love at first sight," the long distance eye flirt is seen in movies.

Flirting with your eyes across a distance can occur repeatedly over a long period or just for one poignant moment.

Strong eye contact is both how women see confidence in men, and is the first step in forming a personal connection.

So at these moments it’s important to fight that urge and continue making eye contact with the woman.

That’s why the first step in learning how to flirt with eye contact is to develop the ability to hold eye contact with a woman.Like any type of flirting technique, eye contact is not just black and white.This type of flirting takes many forms and users will often employ more than one type of eye contact flirting.If you’re shy, you probably notice that the second you lock eyes with an attractive woman every fiber of your being is telling your eyes to dart away.But keeping eye contact with women during these times is crucial.When most guys approach a woman for the very first time, they go there thinking about what to say instead of just being in the moment. A powerful, strong man will not wander with his eyes. He will directly look at a woman in her eyes, say what he has to say and continue to hold her gaze as she answers, listening not only with his ears to know what to say next, but listening with his eyes to show he is a strong, powerful, bold, confident man. You go to a car dealership and talk to a car dealer, but his eyes are all over the place, wandering. You may not be consciously thinking about this, but subconsciously you’re going to feel very uncomfortable with him.